Story of ELEGA

ELEGA is a Czech company located in Třebechovice pod Orebem with rich tradition which dates back to the second half of the 19th century. We produce luxury leather handbags, briefcases and other goods. Everything is produced from the best Italian and Czech materials. Over 100 people is employed in our company and therefore we are the biggest producers in this sector in the Czech Republic. Most of our product is exported to Italy and Germany. There we get inspired by quality and style which we after that apply on our new products. Moreover we process on order products made of exceptional materials such as crocodile or snake leather. Our production portfolio contains even leather wallets, belts, gloves and leatherette handbags. Until 2012, ELEGA was the biggest Czech supplier of handbags of Baťa, one of the world’s leading footwear retailers.

In 2014, the new brand ELEGA by Dana M was created in cooperation with Czech actress Dana Morávková. Since then, a new ELEGA by Dana M collection is released two times a year.

Team of technologists and designers constantly creates new collections with respect to the latest fashion trends. We collaborate with leading Czech designers (Ivana Ostřanská – designer and design professor), tailor studios (TIMOURE ET GROUP – Prague, RAP – Hradec Králové, JŠ – Jitka Šedová – Hradec Králové) and also co-organize fashion shows. What’s more, we contribute in project LOCAL ICONS which supports traditional Czech firms.

You can order our products in e-shop on this website or you can visit our retail store located in headquarters of company in Třebechovice pod Orebem.