Czech luxury handbags

We manufacture

Creation of every luxury handbag is quite complex process. Everything starts with the continual observation of world trends and visiting exhibitions – mainly in Italy and Germany.

During our regular meetings of development, technological and designer departments we discuss the latest trends of the upcoming season, on which we create new collections. A collection always contains handbags of various sizes and types, so they satisfy as many customers as possible.

Sales department takes part in these works by presenting customer demands. After that we pick right leathers, lining and hardware.

After approving a visualized form of handbag we start working on real samples and work templates. This is a responsibility of Mrs. Michaela Petrů who has been with us nearly for 15 years.

Completed sample is presented and must pass the approval stage.

If the sample is approved, we create metal knifes which speed up and simplify the production.

Production begins with preparing supporting materials – cutting out linings and reinforcements. This is Jiří Hardoš’s job.

Initially the leather passes the quality control which is conducted by Aleš Morký who has been working for us for 20 years.

Then the leather is cut with machine cutter into particular components which are afterwards hand cut into required shapes.

After that the thickness of components need to be reduced into required value. This responsibility belongs to Mrs. Hana Gronychová. Then it’s usually necessary to even more reduce thickness on the sides of components.

All the prepared leather components and auxiliary materials then go to the workshop where they are completed. The edges of leather parts are coloured, components are glued toger by Mrs. Petra Coufalová, who has been working for us  25 years. Each glued component must be professionally sewed the same way as it does the seamstress Eva Jarkovská who works for us for over 23 years.

As soon as a handbag is ready, it must be checked, cleaned of a glue and stuck with tissue paper into required shape. Final step is to attach a tag and pack the handbag into card boxes where all the products wait for their new owners.

The entire process is closely monitored by the owner Eva Šedinová who has the main word in choosing new materials. After all, she is the most competent person for this as she dedicated her whole life to production of handbags and she is capable of sewing a handbag on her own without any problems.

The production process is overseen by the production manager Hana Centnerová. She knows about every single handbag which leaves the workshop.

Craft and technological problems are solved by technologists whose are led by Šárka Schmiedová. She works in ELEGA for over 25 years. These specialists work on “private brand” types of production as well. Those are productions where we must satisfy costumer’s demands and apart from using ELEGA logo on product we use customer’s logo. A technologist is responsible for the production feasibility.

Since all parts of production are closely connected and linked to each other it is necessary to work as team in our company. ELEGA’s workers are professionals and thanks to that we can compete with other global brands without any doubt. We employ specialists who give piece of them into every handbag. We appreciate that many employees work in ELEGA for decades which is sign of enormous reliability and responsibility.