History of Elega

In October 1872, before the World War I, the first mention about company in Třetbechovice pod Orebem near Hradec Králové, known as ELEGA today, is recorded.

Mr Jan Seifert and Mrs Jana Seifert are considered as the founders. In 1899, Mr Jan and Mrs Marie Paroubek took over the company. After them, the company was owned by a firm Kauder & Frankt since 1911. The period between World Wars was time of prosperity. Nevertheless, when World War II began the company was given to hands of administrators Mr Hermann Fiedler and Mr Herbert Edra as previous owners were Jewish.

After the World War II, in 1946, the company is being taken over by the national administration and after the revolution of 1948 it is renamed to Kožena, the national enterprise. The new age history of the factory begins in 50s’ when the firm became a member of the state owned corporation Gala Prostějov.

Nevertheless, just after the Velvet revolution, the company is given to Mrs Anna Bergmanová in restitution. Since she was a daughter of ex-owner Mr Kaudera.
In 1992, the company ELEGA is established. It was bought by managers Mr Jaroslav Šedina and Mr Gustav Pařízek.

Even though, a lot of things changed during 20th century, the main things remain the same in the company. The ELEGA company continues in the tradition and produces luxury leather products. The family Šedina still owns and runs the company with has more than 100 employees which sells products either in the Czech republic or in Italy or Germany.